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Three Growing Trends in Coated Metal Color and Aesthetics

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Year after year, the coated metal industry continues to innovate and inspire designers and architects with new aesthetical and color options that have reshaped consumer expectations. More than ever, buildings have the ability to stand out, while reaping the durability and environmental benefits of using prepainted metal. Here are just a few of the latest trends in coated metal that define why there’s never been a more exciting time in the industry.

1. Textured Products

Textured, painted metal products were introduced in the 1980s to expand the visual, durability and eco-friendly possibilities of incorporating these products into commercial and residential applications. However, it wasn’t until this decade that textured products made a significant impact in the U.S. Firehouses, barns and many other types of buildings are using textured paints to recreate the rustic feel of wood or brick, and often times the textured metal products can be cheaper and more durable than the patterned and textured material they emulate. As new texture possibilities enter the market, architects can meet client demands for visual depth and eye-catching designs that differentiate them in the market and give their buildings a unique look.

2. Darker Hues

While neutral colors are often a safe bet for architects and designers, many builders these days gravitate toward colors that pop and push the boundaries of traditional color pallets. Colors with darker hues, such as dark greens and gray-blues, have become increasingly popular for a calming, nature-like appearance. Many architects understand the power of color in our everyday lives and how we connect colors with a particular space, feeling, etc. They believe that color can be a language, and using a bold color for a building’s exterior sometimes speaks louder and more clearly than neighboring buildings with a neutral color scheme.

3. Color-Shifting Finishes

There’s been a huge demand in the market for the application of color-shifting coatings, which offer an eye-catching, bilateral color finish. By studying the chemistry behind a coating’s makeup, prismatic and pearlescent finishes give the coating an appearance of multiple colors when viewed from different angles or in sunlight. Whether it’s the exterior of a home or office building, the movement-like character of color-shifting coatings is sure to be an attention-grabber.

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