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Four Reasons to Consider Metal Roofs

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Over the past few years, we have seen a significant increase in the use of metal roofs in the residential sector. In fact, the Metal Roofing Alliance estimates that more than 750,000 U.S. homeowners chose a metal roof to protect their families in 2015. According to their survey, the Metal Roofing Alliance identified eight reasons homeowners are making the switch to metal roofs. Here is a breakdown of the four most popular reasons people are using metal roofs to protect their homes.

1. Metal roofs have longevity.

Depending on the material, metal roofs can last anywhere between 40 and 70 years. That’s a significant increase when compared to the life expectancy of a traditional asphalt roof, which may only last between 12 and 20 years.

2. Metal roofs are durable and offer strong protection.

Metal roofs have been known to be very durable, some withstanding wind gusts up to 140 miles-per-hour. Metal roofs will not corrode or crack and won’t spark or ignite into flames if struck by lightning or a wildfire. Roof attributes, such as roof clips, weathertight sealing and steel-rod bracing have been known to keep metal roofs in great, long-lasting condition that requires less maintenance than traditional roofing systems.

3. Metal roofs are a good investment.

In the long run, metal roofs provide a number of cost-saving benefits. For example, metal roofs can function as “cool roofs” and repel, rather than absorb, the sun’s heat during the hotter months. This reduces air conditioning costs for the home as a whole. In addition to reducing the home’s energy costs through lowering its temperature, solar reflective coated metal roofs are compliant with Energy Star®, LEED®, ASHRAE® and other code body standards. The selection of solar reflective metal roofing can often lead to points or credits offered by the various code writing organizations. Reflective coatings also protect the roof substrate from harmful UV rays, extending the life of the roof and saving replacement costs.

4. Metal roofs are attractive

The metal roofing industry today manufactures colors and textures to fit all types of aesthetic and color requirements. No matter the building profile, architects and designers can find products that work in tandem with coatings to incorporate bold textures and patterns into a finished roofing system. Whether it’s color-shifting patterns or textured panels that emulate the look and feel of wood or shale, choosing a metal roof opens up a homebuilder’s options to a world of possibilities.

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