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Busting Coil Coating Myths: The Five Misconceptions About Prepainted Metals

If you are a manufacturer or designer, there are five common myths about coil coating or prepainted metal you might have heard. We’re going to bust those myths one by one and show you why prepainted metals are your best choice. Here are the facts.

Myth 1: Prepainted metal is expensive.

The truth is, utilizing prepainted metal saves you money by eliminating the costs associated with an in-house paint shop. When you post-paint, you have the added expense of labor, materials, scrap, and inventory. Plus, there are numerous costs (and headaches) when you’re dealing with EPA and OSHA compliance. It can cost big bucks to make sure you’re properly handling waste, emissions, and cleanups. In addition, storing paint in your facility can cost you in higher insurance premiums. To determine whether prepaint is for you, download the cost analysis form under Education on the NCCA website.

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The Doctor Has Called in a Prescription for You

Prescriptive Requirements vs. Performance-Based Testing in the Construction Market

image001Sometimes your doctor writes a prescription for your ailment, and sometimes your doctor wants to run some tests first. The first example is a prescriptive approach (do this and you will be okay), whereas the second example is a performance-based approach to solving your problem (take some meaningful measurements and then determine what to do). The same two options are also used in the metal building industry.

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Strength Through Association—The Web That Supports the Construction Products Industry

ncca logo groupAs an association, the National Coil Coating Association (NCCA) has the ability to speak with one voice on any number of issues. The association is dedicated to the coil coating process: cleaning a metal substrate (aluminum, hot-dipped galvanized steel, etc.), chemically treating the substrate to enhance corrosion resistance and paint adhesion, priming the strip with a corrosion-resistant primer, and topcoating the strip with any number of materials designed to provide aesthetics and durability to the coil-coated metals used in the construction products, transportation, appliance, and HVAC markets. Continue reading