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How Prepainted Metal Can Make Building Interiors Shine

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We’ve seen the beauty and innovation prepainted metal has brought to countless exterior applications. But did you know prepainted metal can be an integral part of a number of interior applications? Here are five ways prepainted metals can spice up the interior of any building:

1. Interior Walls

Prepainted interior wall panels are available in a variety of profiles, including ribbed, insulated (foamed), composite and architectural shallow flat styles. These panels are lightweight and can be installed more quickly than traditional walls. They can also take on dramatic shapes with colors or laminates that create striking design elements.

2. Ceilings

Suspended ceiling tile systems in offices, airports, official buildings and exhibition halls are often made with prepainted metal. These ceilings are chosen for their light weight, decorative appearance, durability, high heat and sound insulation qualities.

3. Surfacing

Back splashes, decorative wainscoting and column surrounds are often made of prepainted metal. Prepainted metal’s durability, paired with good abrasion-resistant coatings, hold up under heavy commercial use and provide long-lasting protection and good looks for years to come. Prepainted metal can also be specified to include an anti-microbial agent.

4. Interior Doors

Most all-metal door manufacturers today choose prepainted metal for its durability, ease of manufacturing and color and texture options, such as wood grain. Prepainted metal can outlast traditional materials and the coating process provides many environmental benefits for manufacturers.

5. Windows

Window frames and casings can be made with prepainted metal. Prepainted metal makes it more economical for manufacturers to provide color variety and eliminates environmental compliance issues related to painting. The coating is bonded so tightly that the metal can endure the sharp bends required to make screen frame, muntin bars and other window components. Plus, metal frames often outlast wood frames.

And it doesn’t end there. Prepainted metal is also used for appliances, HVAC and more. What other interior applications for prepainted metal do you encounter?

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