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Textured Metal Building Products Part Two: Benefits


Image via Valspar

As discussed in Textured Metal Building Products Part One: Growing Trend, textured, prepainted metal building products are being specified and demanded more for a variety of building projects.

These products provide a wide range of benefits when it comes to building design and function, including: aesthetics, durability and environmental.

Aesthetic Benefits

Textured paint and tiles can be made to resemble the textures of countless materials, including asphalt, stone, concrete, barn siding, and other materials. With the growing number of textures and finishes available, architects can meet client demands for visual depth and eye-catching designs that differentiate them in the market and give their buildings a unique look. The low-gloss finish and wrinkled surface provide the same appearance, regardless of the angle at which they’re viewed.

Contrary to popular belief, dirt and debris becoming trapped within the paint’s texture is not an issue for concern. As technology advances, the manufacturing processes for textured products have become as seamless as any other paint system.

Durability Benefits

Textured paint is designed to be scratch-resistant and reduces the appearance of oil canning, dents, and other imperfections that may occasionally be found on long panels. And for high traffic areas, textured products have the benefit of repelling fingerprints which can sometimes be highly visible on flat painted metal products.

When it comes to installation, many contractors agree the low-gloss finish and less-slippery feel gives textured products an advantage compared to conventional paint. Like other prepainted metals, textured products are designed to withstand harsh weather elements and provide excellent corrosion resistance.  This performance is achieved through pretreatment, multiple coatings, and in many cases through the application of the coatings to both sides of the metal, which enhances its long-term durability. For some applications, the coating itself receives an additive that creates a wrinkled appearance. With that, it’s able to hide possible defects of the substrate and reflect light at different angles to give the paint a unique finish.

Environmental Benefits

The use of prepainted textured products delivers several environmental and sustainability benefits. Designers who use these products can help qualify their buildings and earn credits and tax savings for LEED, Energy Star and cool roof compliance. In the context of LEED, using textured products on metal roofs can earn points toward LEED certification through reducing the urban heat island effect. The coating accomplishes this through the application of solar reflective materials that reduce the temperature of the building, thus lowering the need for air conditioning within the building.

Extended Life Benefits

In addition, by keeping roofs cooler, reflective coatings also extend the life of the roof, saving on replacement costs. Buildings that use prepainted textured products also reduce waste with landfill materials, CO2 emissions, and the roof surface temperature by up to 50 percent.

NCCA expects to see the trend in use of prepainted textured metal building products continue to grow in the architectural community. These products offer a myriad of benefits both to the specifier and the end user. As manufacturers offer more and more texture offerings, it will be possible to obtain nearly any desired look with textured materials while reaping the durability and environmental benefits.

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