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Textured Metal Building Products Part One: Growing Trend

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Prepainted metal is a popular choice for consumers, architects and specifiers who are looking for environmentally friendly, durable, and aesthetically pleasing options. The National Coil Coating Association’s (NCCA) members are seeing a growing trend for textured, prepainted metal products in commercial and residential building design.

While the use of textured paint in coated metal building products is often found in roofing applications for its environmental benefits, the visual and textural innovations of recent years have opened up textured products to a number of applications. Textured, prepainted metal products are being used more to recreate the look for wood, stucco, brick, stone, asphalt, single-skin metal panels and other materials. They have become popular choices for wainscoting, garage door and side-wall applications that allow textures to be seen and felt up close. Aside from use on traditional residential and commercial  buildings, textured metal products are being incorporated in designs for churches, fire houses, barns and other unique structures.

Although the use of textured prepainted metal products has grown in popularity in the United States over the last five years, the textured products trend began in Europe in the 1980s when European-based coil coating companies, specifically in Germany and Poland, began producing painted metal products that were textured. These innovative coating technologies helped expand the visual, durability and eco-friendly possibilities of coil-coated metals.

This trend offers many opportunities to the coil coating industry. A desired look and texture can be achieved with these products that could not have been provided by flat paint. Architects, designers and consumers continue to see more than standard colors and demand more choices.

Check back for Part Two: Benefits of textured metal building products coming soon.

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