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Nine Ways to Get the Most from Your NCCA Membership


You already know the tremendous benefits of coil coating metal, but do you know just how much there is to gain with your NCCA membership? Below are just nine ways that the more than 100 industry leaders involved with NCCA get the most from their membership.

Strength in Numbers – One company has limited influence on the media, regulatory agencies and legislatures. When many companies speak with one voice, you command the attention of movers and shakers at the federal, state and local levels. Acting as a unified industry, we speak more effectively and more cost-effectively through NCCA.

Cutting Edge Technology Resources – Through cutting edge technology resources, networking opportunities, educational materials and advanced training tools, NCCA provides critical resources to companies and allows them to grow the market for pre-painted metal.

Stay on Top of Regulatory Issues – Members are able to discuss proposals and projects that affect the industry with representatives from, for example, the EPA or OSHA.

Company Credibility – When you use the NCCA logo on your literature and web site, you send the message to your customers that you care about the industry, product performance and professional business practices.


Access to Industry Statistics – Member companies have access to statistical data that is not available anywhere else. The statistical data provides member companies with a tool to benchmark their company against other member companies and evaluate market trends.

Access to Educational Materials – Members are able to develop industry backed and approved educational materials that assist their employees and their customers. Members have access to the educational material to train their employees and to educate customers.

Save on Costs – Working as an industry, NCCA members can save thousands of dollars on research, testing and marketing costs by pooling resources and sharing the costs of a single project that benefits many. Teamwork pays.

Advertising and Publicity Benefits – NCCA promotes the use of pre-paint through the NCCA web site and through an extensive public relations program, including press releases and articles in leading trade magazines, etc.

Networking – There is no better place to learn about the latest industry developments than from peers in the industry. Exchanging views and information with competitors and customers within NCCA is the best way to stay abreast of industry happenings.

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